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Calculating Dimensional Weight for International Shipping
(US Export & US Import-Rated International)

Dimensional weight refers to the area or space your package occupies. GOexpress uses actual weight and dimensional weight to determine billable weight, which is the number used to factor shipping costs. When dimensional weight exceeds actual weight, dimensional weight is used as the billable weight to calculate shipping costs. The factoring process is explained below.

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To calculate dimensional weight:

  1. Determine the cubic size of your package: multiply length inches x width inches x height inches, rounding up to the nearest inch (e.g.: 14 x 12 x 8 inches = 1344 cu in)
  2. Weigh your package to determine Actual Weight: Use a standard scale and round up to the nearest pound. (e.g.: 7.25 lbs = 8 lbs actual weight)
  3. Determine Dimensional Weight: Divide the cubic size of your package by 166, rounding up to the nearest pound (e.g.; 1344/139 = 9.67 lbs = 10 lbs dimensional weight)
  4. Determine Billable Weight: Compare Actual Weight with Dimensional Weight. The higher of the two will be used to calculate your Shipping Cost (e.g.: Dimensional Weight 10 lbs > Actual Weight 8 lbs = Billable Weight = 10 lbs used to determine shipping cost.)

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